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Update : 2018-08-21 16:44
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Underlying Price Bid Volume DW Bid DW Offer Offer Volume Traded Volume ('000)
4.34 4,206,800 0.01 0.02 8,675,600 500,000

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สามารถเลือกได้สูงสุด 6 รุ่น
Warrant Name Strike Exercise Ratio Last Trading Date
AAV01C1808A 5.067 3.08871 2018-08-30
AAV01C1808B 6.515 1.93043 2018-08-30
AAV01P1808A 5.984 2.41307 2018-08-30
AAV06C1809A 6.033 1.73738 2018-09-28
AAV08C1811A 6.274 2.17174 2018-11-29
AAV11C1904A 7.250 2.60000 2019-04-30
AAV13C1811A 6.033 2.50954 2018-11-15
AAV13C1901A 4.900 0.90000 2019-01-30
AAV19C1902A 5.300 0.90000 2019-02-28
AAV23C1811A 5.791 1.93043 2018-11-29
AAV24C1809A 7.094 1.28375 2018-09-28
AAV24C1903A 6.260 0.57500 2019-03-29
AAV28C1810A 5.936 2.79908 2018-10-05

* All technical indicators are more precise during market open.


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  2. Bualuang Securities ("BLS") has a relationship with the securities in the paper as being market maker and issuer of derivative warrant. As a result, investors should carefully study information before making the decision to invest.
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